Ariel and I have been taking figure drawing classes the last month or so. Here are two of my favorites, a bit smudgy since that's what happens when you roll up charcoal covered paper. Check out Ariel's blog for a similar post with his drawings.


Anonymous said...

Really nice drawings!
I'm impressed.

Have you tried laying down a ground of charcoal and lifting it in areas with a chamois cloth? This can be such a magical technique to use- lots of fun.

Your mysterious news can't be all THAT crazy if you can still draw so well- I'd expect a lot of violent slashy lines, stains and paper tears at the very least...


Anonymous said...

The technique I was trying to describe involves covering the entire paper with charcoal first...my last post wasn't very clear- though you probably already figured out what I was trying to say.


YERMA said...

Hey Ross, very nice naked drawin's! you have a really great way of shadowing contours and the anatomical form shows through. The renderings have a depth and a relaxed feeling about them and the hands are well done. It is good work!
Whatchadoin'? We are waiting for news on pins and needles so PLEASE let us know something!
Gram is going to Minn. for Julianne's graduation on Wed. Your Grandfather bought a big ass new truck. Leif's favorite word is "NO!" but more like NoNononononono!
Again please let us know of your wonderous plans!