Ariel and I saw the Paris ballet perform "Paquita" last weekend at the Egg. It's lesser known 19th century ballet. Colorful costuming, simple set design and a rather enthusiastic crowd. Next weekend we are going to see 白蛇传 or "The Tale of the White Snake," a Beijing opera about a seductive snake spirit who charms a young scholar.

(Madame White Snake on a roof eave in the Summer Palace, from Wikipedia)

Some other, possibly crazy news to tell, but I'm going to patiently wait until I know exactly what I'm doing. No decisions or plans for at least 2 more days. No worries.

(Late news, but here is some fair coverage of Ti-bet from the BBC that at least allows the possibility of China discussing it's own affairs.)

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about us said...

sorry to be so absent!
although i've been silently viewing your blog, guessing that you too are are quite busy and you cannot update like before...anyhoot, what's this business of "possibly crazy news to tell?" are you nuts? you're not allowed to offer no detail and only suspense! please explain asap...i'm weirdly worried you're pregnant or something...ha...!
well, i love you and miss you and still wanna visit in november...wherever you are.
kisses and hugs to everyone.