This weekend was nice: lots of painting, some cooking and I ate 鱼头饼 (fish head with pancakes, yum!) with friends. I feel very back at work.

Miami people: I'm planning on getting a plane ticket to come around February 6 through the 17. (more or less) I'll keep you all updated, but I should be getting one within the next few days.

I'd like to give much overdo thanks for the letters and packages I've gotten over the last few months. I had another mail issue at this complex I'm living in now, but it should be solved and I'll be getting mail more timely now.

Billie: Thanks for the cards and lucky dollar! Marie: Thanks for the Christmas card! Chad and Cat: Thanks for the chocolate! Mom: Thanks for the great, readable, constant posts & e-mails! Dad: Thanks for the spectacular racist/great b-day card and lots of letters and thoughtfulness! Linda: Thanks for the turkey day card n' love! Gram: Thanks for the Christmas gift! Isa: Thanks for the letter and art!

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loveyerma said...

Hi Ross, been trying to email you at gmail but they keep coming back...have you recieved any last few days??? The Pics I send came back.
Please let me know.