Hello, pictures?

One of the problems with digital cameras is that everyone who owns one has a slew of nearly unseen, under appreciated jpegs sitting on his/her hard drive. Without negatives and basically no space limitations we can just take a lot of pictures.

I'm watching a great German documentary on the Yangtze river. The director's grandparents had traveled to Sichuan in 1911, traveling the length of the river. The director attempted to "re-see" the place, only to discover how vast the changes have been and how altered the space now is. You sense her disappointment with her over-hyped, slightly pretentious journey because what she really discovers is vast, grey, decaying block housing and people moving up the cliff side, abandoning the already devistaed ruins of what was there is 1911. Anyone coming to China expecting to see endless temples and untouched pavillons on mountaintops should have been here before 1959.

Also, speaking of neglected jpegs, here are a few gems (and oldies) I found hidden in Ariel's files.





Money burns.


Cool air.


Nail biting.


loveyerma said...

Hi Ross! Great group of pictures! Very touching! Snif,snif...
I can't wait to see you and I am sure you are already in a travel mind ...it is a long way...
I know you will have a great time in NY and please just let us know down here you made it safe!
counting the days...all of us are...

Chad said...

Great photos Ross! See you soon!

Arielísimo said...

i agree with chad. have fun and can't wait to see you again :)