I've been really into pomelos, which are also called Chinese grapefruits. They are the largest edible citrus; gigantic boulders that can feed three people generously. The outside flesh is spongy and smells very rich and rindy when you peel it. The taste is like a super light grapefruit, sweet and sour, a very dry citrus with huge segments. If you find them somewhere, buy the ones with an indentation on the stem (a "female") because the taste is usually better.

Also in season is hawthorn berry, a very popular Chinese berry used frequently in medicine and juices. During Spring Festival, people buy tremendous skewers of haw on large sticks covered in hard sugar, much like our candied apple. (They're called 冰糖葫芦 in Chinese) It's also eaten dried or used in special teas. The flesh is very soft and the texture is a little like cooked sweet potato. The taste is sour and complex, almost like tamarind and apples mixed together, although it's quite original and fairly incomparable to other fruits. You buy 'em by the bag. Absolutely delicious.

What's your favorite fruit? Post.


loveyerma said...

Hi!!! My favorite fruit is leamonheads followed closely by chocolate covered cherries!
Ha! I guess my favorite fruit would be of the Berry variety
Also known as the fruits most likely to taste like dirt if not ripened properly-more and more!!
I do like a good citrus and I believe there are pomelos in this country but are more orangey-than grapefruity.
Lots of citrus this time of year here, some is great and others dry pulp inside. Cindy sent the Harry and David Riveria pears for Christmas (remember 2005 also)-yum! But the box had blemished fruit but tasty and she complained because H&D is supposed to be only the "perfect" fruit specimens!and they sent a 2nd box so we made out good on that deal!Juicy and sweet!

Chad said...

Imagine, a Floridian going to Beijing for citrus! Oranges are cheap now and dulce. I bought eight pounds for four dollars. Your favorite, kumquats are in season too.

I have had pomelos. The verdict was pretty good.

Went to the State Farmers Market down south last weekend - I am still speechless. Will email.

about us said...

my favorite fruit is called ciruela, it's supposed to be some variety of greegage according to the information i found on-line. it physically looks like it but it's yellow or red when ripe, and has a seed that's very stringy...?! anyway, here's a wikipedia link to greengage: