Recent developments: I cook nearly everyday, the weather's been lovely, leaves are turning red, I'm addicted to LOST on tvlinks, NPR and Savage Love podcasts. I've been painting still life, I'm trying to save money, I'm drinking too much barley tea and diet coke, I offically love Chinese food again, I'm working constantly.

Irritating things I've noticed about the locals: Chinese slurp when they eat noodles and chew with their mouth open. Lots of them don't brush their teeth in the morning, or possibly ever. They shove in the subway and cannot form lines. People from villages stare and talk about me in indecipherable dialects. I guess it all barely bothers me anymore.

Oh, and to answer Marie's question, fan dancing is an ancient ritual dance commonly performed at Mid-Autumn festivals and on national day that either pays homage to emperors or is like a prayer for harvest. It's moved to Korea and developed strongly there. In contemporary China, it's mostly a form of exercise or just something for older people to do in the morning with their friends.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning! and thank you.
love, Marie

granny t said...

Hey Ross, Ariel, Sylvia and all the other celebs who read this blog!

I found this article in the Thunderbird Times newspaper...


On Sunday, the daredevil side of Mr.Leif was seen at the World Famous Ft. Lauderdale Thunderbird Swap Shop, as he gallantly rode a Flying Dragon at Uncle Bernie's Amusement park! At a mere 12 1/2 months, Leif is continuing the line of extreme amusement riding his father and uncle started also at an early age. Accompanied by his father, Chad, Leif boarded the Friendly but frisky dragon for a up and down circle tour at an altitude of about 15 feet!
Leif was undaunted by the dangerous ride and only got anxious when the hydraulic monster puffed out some air at him.
Granny T stayed on the ground watching with a tear of pride and joy in her eyes, seeing the father and young son lift off to the sky!
Mr. Leif your bravery makes us proud!!

PS. Mr.Leif was NOT so crazy about the Carousel, we just think it was not exciting enough for him!!!!

Silvia Elena said...

hi granny t!
leif sounds great! You must've missed him so much when he was visiting us. Thanks for lending him to China, he made me happy!

granny T said...

Hi Sylvia!
Yes, it was very strange to have all 3 of my "boys" in China at the same time! I was very happy for them, envious of them being together and so aware of just how very far away they were!
I am sure your family feels the distance as well. We are still pretty much the same...in Miami...while you all are gallavanting in China, living an adventure, experiancing new things and people!
I am really glad for your friendship with Ross and I am sure when Leif was there he was happy too!
all the best!
Big Hug!
granny T

loveyerma said...

Hi again.
I having been sewing for almost 3 solid days...and cutting threads off my crazy sewing...My clothes will be in a photo shoot for a Grammy Nominated Latin Singer(who no one I know knows her!)for NY post. I am submitting my rocker clothes, several outfits for use as my friend is the stylist on the shoot. No money, of course! but I will get some professional pics of a "celeb" no one recognizes wearing Vivid T design wear! Just hoping to be EXPOSED!!!!!!!
have alot of design work now and I am running non-stop the last 2 weeks....maybe soon I will get paid!!!