new jars
Top row from left: dried mint, red chili, star anise, green Sichuan peppercorn, dried et ceteras used for stewing meat. Bottom row from left: dried rosemary, dried shrimp, roasted sesame seed, bay leaves, red Sichuan peppercorn.

in unrelated news...

Last week was the National Congress meeting, something that occurs every 5 years and helps elect new officials and enact new delegation. Internet banning has been tightened, there have been more police on the street, immigration issues with Africans has been stepped up, visa restrictions for foreigners imposed and all sorts of new nonsense that will probably never be enforced has been created. I've seen a number of blank faced, frowning, ancient men sitting behind placards with their printed names on CCTV as well as a fairly surprising number of pictures of sleeping officials or completely ridiculous pictures of president Hu shaking hands with a Xinjiang man or Yunnan woman is exotic, costumey garb. It's all a joke and, surprisingly, most Chinese seem to know this. The average villager knows it's something "big," but doesn't think it'll effect their hometown or do anything useful in the countryside.


Silvia Elena said...


Everyone sleeps in China. That's how they make money. Right?

ross said...

Actually, far awesomer: They are IKEA 3 kuai for 6 KNOCK-OFFS.

Chad said...

That conversation you two are having is two Chinese.

Amazing spice jars! I'm a little jealous, although I do have WAY more spices than you so there.