I've been painting.

Oil on canvas, 12"x12"

Year of the Pig
Oil & stickers on canvas, 12"x12"

colored pencil on canvas, 12"x12"


Terri said...

Hey Ross,
well, Your painting technique is taking on a decidedly Chinese flavor-Huh... I wonder why? Are you adding Chinese hot sauce to your paint?
They are very good and your choice of subject matter is very Unlike-American Ross paintings- Chinese Ross is a little more colorful and flowery in his choices!
happy to see you not only a working man but prolific, art making, working man!
keep it up , sweet boy!

Terri said...

Oh, Today Chad, Catalina, Gramma, Leif and I flew a kite, it was very windy and Catalina was amazed by the pull of the kite!

At the dollar store we got Leif a "Moany Groany" which is a long tube with a Halloween Happy type monster on one end and when you turn the tube upside down and back it makes the moany-groany sound ! Super fun!
Leif walked almost the whole length of Gram's living room holding my hand-without stumbling!!!
He has two teeth poking out from the top and he is looking really big these days! Very handsome!
Today was Columbus Day in the USA...

Julianne said...

Hey you.I miss you hows the weather? Its getting cold here. i hope sometime i could visit you which reminds me next june (2009) my mythology class is taking a trip overseas possibly i could go but i would be closer to germany i think. i hpoe all is well keep in touch! my mom misses you and says hi. Love you

Dadkle said...

Your paintings look really great Ross- I especialy love the first one you posted- the flowers...

I recently found (online) a bunch of Kwajalein video and period photos from when we lived there. I even found a short video taken of the house we lived in. It's kind of amazing to find something like that- it's such an isolated place.

I want to send you something- should I risk one of your previous zipcodes or wait until you post a new one?

harumi said...

wow!!! amazing!!!! I really really love all of them!
I never thought of using color pencil on canvas. that's cool.
keep it up amazging works.