oil on fabric

I've been attracted to paisley recently and have been trying patterned painting on pre-existing fabric.  (Like previous paintings "Pastoral" and "French Roses.")  Ariel said this painting is very Peter Max, but it's probably just because it's paisley.  The colors may be brighter than appear on screen.

After some thought, I'm just not feeling the last painting I posted.  I love the idea of "Franch Style"; a portmanteau of a noun and adjective, close but incorrect enough to be uncomfortable, but I want to try again for a more successful result.

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loveyerma said...

Love of paisley? wonder where that comes from... make me a small paisley painting with bright colors that I love...please?! loveyerma

PS Franch style graphic is nice but boring...try f#$kin' it up with something unusual or unusually bright or unusually common!