franch style faguo fengge
acrylic, marker, oil and graphite on canvas

As I move into more messy, more aggressive and more graphic painting, I still feel that the work fits into the same context of other pieces I've created this year.  This painting, along with previous works like Pastoral and LV, are like failed luxury.  The bottom phrase Faguo fengge is the Chinese romanization of 法国风格, which means "French style," unlike the intentionally incorrect "Franch."

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loveyerma said...

Hi Hon, Super excited to see you! Sorry I have been incommunicando...but alas my world is weird and I am internet weary...so when you are here...can't wait! Cindy and clan will be down on July 13 for a week also and I think we will try to meet Marie and Billie too. People are getting old fast so don't be too shocked at the way we have aged here!