Yesterday I hosted a dinner for a few friends that was so easy and quick that I actually had time to concentrate on wine and conversation.  Nearly everything I made was recipe free and fusion, either conveniently prepared well in advance or put together almost instantly, making it more creative than previous ventures.

The menu
1 - cucumber, lychee and bean sprout salad with a pickled chili dressing
2 - Chinese style braised beef with radish leaves and potatoes
3 - Indian pickled eggplant
4 - tomato, watermelon and mint salad with yogurt and homemade chaat masala
5 - Fried butterfish with lime, shallots, fish sauce, green chili, coriander and Thai basil
6- Caramelized sweet and sour bitter melon

Now I just have to work on food presentation and food photography!


Chad said...

Fun! These sophisticated dishes would be fun to plate, no? Rather than family style like you've done.

They seem exciting and interesting.

Meanwhile the most I've cooked in the last month and a half is omelets!

ross said...

Chad - You're very right! I should have had courses.