Emilie and me on a park excursion, cherry blossoms at the Old Summer Palace, a cheeky boy in our neighborhood, Chao with a summery hat
(Photos courtesy of Ariel)


Emilie has been visiting this month, so we've been seeing Beijing as the weather warms up.   We might have a new roommate soon, Xi Zhong Zhong, a filmmaker who we met almost two years ago in Vietnam.  Also, I'm nursing a cold, so lots of soup and ginger tea to counter this.

I'm working on two interesting paintings, which I'll post once more progress is made. 

Ariel and I are planning a long trip to India this summer along with a friend, Chao.  We're thinking about taking a train to the south of China and finding an inexpensive way to somehow just get there.  I've been immersing myself in Indian themes, including reading Mark Twain's amazing account of his visit to the country in the later years of his life.

What are you up to?


scott said...

It's nice to see Emilie’s face again- please tell her I said hi- a hello to Chao and Ariel too.
Seasonal allergies are really bad in NYC at the moment- a lot of people are affected, including me.
Xyrtec and a perscription spray keep me going.

My colleague Christine Schutt just won a Guggenheim Fellowship. She is going to get $40,000 plus with no strings attached! She's a talented, hard working author who really deserves the honor.

Feel better Ross. I look forward to seeing the new paintings-

Chad said...

What are you up to? You are not up to updating your blog. There.