Some photos from rush hour on the train. It looks not too bad, but trust that it was, and is, crowded during early evening. I'm using more camera more frequently again.

高峰时间在地铁上拍了这两张照片。我最近几乎每天带着我的照相机。在想一会要开中文的fotoblog. 幸运的是我有中国朋友会把我的博客校对一下。


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Silvia Elena said...





肉丝,我特别想你。不知道回北京还是在这里当老师还是跟哈李斯生孩子还是上大学 啊啊啊 哈哈哈

别担心,我不是那么糊涂。只是understanding the complexities of life!


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