**__^^ SNOW DAY **--^^

It snowed endlessly this early this week. This is a rare occurrence in dry Beijing, so kids were out making snowmen and everyone was mostly marveling at it all.

Me throwing a snowball.

The target of said snowball.


Me on a very cold Beijing morning.


harumi said...

yeah! blog is back!
looks nice and cold over there. We are still 80f here.
me, tommy peggy are all good. and my dog willie too.
I have few new paintings that I like and will be in painting show at hollywood art center.
I wish I can visit again with tommy in future.
say hi to Chao!

yerma said...

Hi Hon! You look good! A little thin perhaps?
When I see you I realize how very much I miss you...the waterworks always start...then I smile cause I know you are where you want to be!

Anonymous said...

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