So, news: I'll be in Beijing on the 26th. I should get my visa either Monday or Tuesday, so it's not an issue of rushing to Bangkok right after I get my passport back. (Yes, my flight's out of Bangkok due to economy, but no one is to worry.)

Soon this blog will belong to China again, to that life I had nearly three months ago. More apartment hunting then exotic sights, more practicalities than paintings, more job hunting than musings. I can't believe I've been on this aimless, drifting, beautiful trip for so long. Travel like this is a gift and I encourage everyone who's able to do it.

Possibly a sign, Ariel's laptop crashed, meaning thousands of pictures from months ago in China and from Vietnam are lost. I've saved a few, but most are gone. Somehow this doesn't upset me as much as I'd expect. At least I have some nice, incredibly low res images on this bog and lots sloshing around in my brain.

As usual, more to come.

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