The Bell Project
oil on canvas
4x6 inches


For those of you who were there, mom hosted a bell music project that created a complete cacophony while we were all sitting on a pretty carpet. It was one of the highlights of visiting home last February. (note: The light on the upper right hand corner is a error on my part from the lamp I was using.) I'm really liking the small paintings again and have a third coming up soon.

I love it here, but I miss everyone, especially a certain tall someone with big ears and fuzzy hair. I'm writing a short story about waiting out my Chinese visa here in Siem Reap, which I'll post in the future.

In unrelated news, I'm excited about dinner. There is this small Thai place I just found where I can get a delicious fried snake head fish topped with green mango salad for $2.50. Simple pleasures.


Silvia Elena said...

sux-a-bai dei?

Still jealous.

Have you found out what REAL Amok is like or is it still different in every place?

Anonymous said...

Lovely painting Ross!

It's started to feel cooler lately-I love New York in the Fall.


alesh said...

Wow, your painting is getting better and better; 'red shorts' from a couple of posts ago was particularly spectacular. what are you doing with all these -- schleping them around asia?