Today I taught a video game themed English class, mostly having to do with censorship and ethics. The actual teacher has been busy with translation work at the company, so I filled in. I think it went really well and it was at least deeply professional, Power Point presentation and all.

- Silvy is going to Miami on Wednesday the 19th for over a week. I've given her a little parcel of Christmas gifts that she was wonderful enough to take with her, so I'll just do this instead of mailing things home. They're nothing special, but something to let everyone know that I'm thinking of you all. You can give anything you'd like to send to Beijing to Silvy, just keep it on the small side so she doesn't have to take a million things back.


Dadkle said...

Did you set up the lesson? Sounds interesting Ross.

I just had a little puppet show with a group of my Ist graders. I use a Mr.Chicken puppet to announce the shows. Many puppets ask if they can eat Mr Chicken.
(Don't tell your black chicken about this...)

The girls made the puppets and gave the show in a little portable puppet theatre in keep in my studio.

They are so funny! Puppets can say and do the things we can’t, so I’ve come to expect lots of bathroom humor and such, but they can also be very clever and funny- girls who don’t always stand out often shine in our puppet shows.

about us said...

yuck...ethics...you're so awesome...thank you for being who you are...!