Christmas in China is, as you can imagine, strange and maybe pointless. It's a foreign holiday so no one understands what it's about, but young people have seen it in movies or whatever so they don Santa hats and buy each other Tupperware and scarves. (Chinese love Tupperware.)

Ariel and I are going to Shanghai for Christmas. We leave Sunday... I'm ridiculously excited!

Silvy leaves for Miami today, Saul is already there. I'm still in Beijing, happy, although I miss my family. I've given Silvia a package of Christmas gifts for you all, so lets arrange a pick up.

Old German castle, "Paris Patisserie," sad tree, parking lot at 好运街 (Lucky Street)

It snowed one day. Very pretty.




silvia said...

So, you two should be in Shanghai already. How exciting. I miss you guys very much and will see you soon. Don't worry, I'll hand out all the gifts you gave me and i'm sure I will also be collecting:D
Lovvve you and will see you for new years! -s

about us said...

beautiful pictures arroz!
....enjoy shanghai and ariel too...