Everyone, I successfully injured myself. Going to work this morning, someone mysteriously dumped half a gallon of water on the apartment steps and I slipped and twisted my ankle. It didn't hurt too much until I got out of work, after which I limped across the street to get a cab to take me to a hospital. The place was extremely rundown with a strange candler hanging in the main room. Everyone was helpful and struggled to understand my terrible Chinese, and I paid my slightly too high bill and got a black cab to my house. I'm now on some herbal pill thing and these patches that numb my foot with what smells like clove and licorice. I'm limping around the house. Wish me a quick recovery.

In completely impossible, shatteringly, unbelievably wonderful news, CHAD, CAT AND LEIF ARE VISITING ME IN TWO WEEKS. Wow. I'm elated.


Chad said...

WHOA! Can you walk? Shouldn't you have a splint or something? How long until you recover?

You should get yourself a gentleman's cane. This could be a great opportunity for you to look extra suave.

Also, sorry. Hope it doesn't hurt too much.

Sonia said...

Hey Rossini,

I'm sorry dude, those twist hurt like H*ll....I hope you get better soon...as for your future visiters, congrats, I'm sure it's nice there, this time of year.... hot and muggy, though huh?

I miss ya dude, I agree with Chad, get yourself one of those canes...:)


VTD said...

My poor baby! For sure get a cane-just to not have to hobble around in pain! Use ice ! Do you have ice in China?
Chang Kui CANE!!!
Fancy sword in handle????
Carved Dragon Head???
Tibetian Monk log???
Like ebay-Sure you can find IT in Chyna!!!
Hope you get better soon!

ross said...

Hey! Actually, my leg feels a lot better and I can walk fine again. It was really just bad for the first two days.

vtd said...

That's great! Hopalong-sing!

Please talk to your friends to make sure you have the name of a reputable doctor...just in case for the future cause that may be better than that crazy hospital.
Be safe!