Chinese lesson.

(ni3 hao3)

(xie4 xie4)

(zai4 jian4)

(wo3 yao4 zhe4 ge)
I want this.


(bu2 yao4)
No, I don't want it.

(duo1 shao3 qian2)
How much is this?

I have it.

(wo3 ming2 zi shi4 Catalina)
My name is Catalina.

(ta1 shi4 wo3 men xiao3 hai2 zi)
He is our baby.

(wo3 men zai4 bei3 jing1 lv3 xing2)
We are traveling in Beijing.

(wo3 shi4 mei3 guo2 ren2)
I am American.

(wo3 shi4 ge1 lun2 bi3 ya4)
I am Colombian.

(ta1 shi4 yi1 nian2 sui4)
He is one year old.

(bu4 fang4 wei4 jing1, shao3 xian2, shao3 you2)
No MSG, less salt, less oil.

(wo3 shi4 chi1 su4 de)
I'm a vegetarian.

(wo3 shi4 fo2 jiao4 tu4)
I'm a Buddhist.

I'll help you with pronounciation when you get here, but you can use this to make fun little cards.

In other news, my job is fun and my students are great, although I'm looking forward to vacation. Let me know Miami stories, things that are happening...


about us said...

wonderful lessons! stuff in parentheses ends with a number, like this: "对 (dui4)." why? impossibly enough, i sit here trying to sounds chinese. ha.

hung out with catalina and leif on friday, they are just super; they're all ready. even leif, the charming beau himself seems to know he's going to china. please don't forget to post stuff when everybody's out there, i wanna see them doing china!

i haven't seen ariel this weekend because i had a stomach thing that made me crabby and antisocial; i must call him now.
besides all that, while i was in vzla., carlos *became my guardian angel and* moved my 'puter into my room, along with a mixer, a keyboard, and a mic. (i hadn't done this because i would lose the internet, as i knew it; i would have to buy stuff and go wireless or buy a 400ft. ethernet cable!) S0ooo, i went wireless last night and here i am, back trying lo upload, download, post, blog, blah, blah, blah. the kids are in georgia 'til wednesday and that may be why my stomach is ill...maybe not.

my house is very cold right now, the clouds are moving in, and i've just downloaded this band Wall of Voodoo, s/t 12" EP...they're sort of great...at least during this time, writing this post. check out mutant-sounds.blogspot.com to download an insane, variety of music.
weLL. wELL...post more pictures you bumb! and big, hugs always,


Anonymous said...


you are cute , hey, what are you doing Thursday?
lets hang out or something Ill go visit you,

ross said...


Wow, I missed you for a little while there.

The number refers to the tone: 1 is monotone, 2 is a rising tone (like a question) 3 starts a bit high, falls, then rises higher and 4 falls quickly.

Glad to know you have a set up. If you are making music please God send me some. I miss my art network more than anything. How was Venezuela?


Sounds awesome. I'm totally down to hang out. Listen, I'll meet you in like China or something and then we can grab a bite or whatever. byebye!

yerma said...

Hi, I have a new comuter!!! well, a really good used one! It's from Robbie and it was the art room (set-up for graphics!)computer from the closed factory...he had it sitting idle and after he saw my website and found out mine was crashing continually (try photoshop files with 28 layers sized 11x17 @ 300 res!) Ka-Boom!!!! I picked it up and Viola!!
super fast with lots of room!

I have been doing super funky video editing of the 20 year old footage from "the room" and various crazy guitar posing all over Miami!!! Little twin critters make cameo appearances!

I figured out the Multitrack recorder and the song is just started-I am saying goodbye to being anti-hi-tech so maybe...I will finally figure it out!

As far as the show, finally approved for Nov. so ...4 months later I should be ready!The world of fashion as seen through the eyes of an anti-fashionista!
so Thanks to Alesh and Chad www.vividtdesign.com looks good and soon will have SOUND and video!

Isabel(I don't have a email for you!)Please check it out and let me know what you think!

so, the group arrives soon and I am very envious of them seeing and hugging you. Have fun !