I've been painting.


harumi said...

Hi ross. I thought your friend Masa have Japanese name. so that's cool.
Gorgeous paintings! I love the one with fire work(?) at most. The limited color works very well. I can also see some of your brush strokes working nicely.
I am happy to see that you are painting. some photo you have posted in the blog is so nice and ready to be painted too. (ex. plate with strawberry juice and table with flower)
me and tommy are doing great as usual. we are going to Japan and maybe couple days in korea in summer and if you want you can come by too. (its so close for you)
well. take care and paint more! pump it up!

Anonymous said...

My dear Ross
Always a pleasure to look at your paintings.
I love them soooo much!
You are such a painter.
I am looking at math schools
I love you!


Dadkle said...

Thanks for the images of your latest- good stuff- love the sense of space/brushstroke combinations in the one of Masa under the bell.

about us said...

ross, the paintings are weirdly uplifting, they have some romantic overinduglence, sort of perfect though also sad...especially the way all the subjects are looking down, the colors, the ones on paper...
maybe that's not coherent but i'll write more later.
by the way, thank yoU, yOU, YOU! for the wonderful package, the oolong is terrific. delicious. i will make it last, making tiny little cups.
love you tons, must tend to indigestion and dehydration.