I'm sitting in a nearby cafe with the unfortunate name "Hump," finishing a plate of creamy pasta with bacon, sipping Silvia's leftover, cold coffee, and checking e-mails since the internet is down at our place. Behind me are a pack of blonde girls and a black girl, all study buddies and chatting in very basic Chinese, to the left are a group of Korean guys smoking lots of cigarettes and directly in front of me are three Chinese businessmen talking about me and the aforementioned girls, thinking that we cannot understand what they're saying about us. (which is partly true.)

I'm starting to work a lot more, maybe too much, but once I get paid it'll feel incredibly worth it. When I'm not teaching, I'm painting, not making enough progress with Chinese, planning lessons, grading papers (reading essays is actually very entertaining) spending all my time between Silvia and Masa...

Saturday I went with Silvia, Masa and Saul to the strange, seedy bar area of the embassy district where they have a tremendous market selling phones, electronics, used furniture, clothing, junk, records and CDs, shoes... nearly everything. Saul found a few hard to find records, and Silvia haggled over but ended up passing up tiny, bright red apple mp3 player. Nearby there is a giant African themed club, one of the few Kosher restaurants in Beijing, American style eateries, slightly scary, abandoned nightclubs, and African drug dealers and prostitution after dark. The embassy areas and it's surroundings, like sunlituan, are always the most sketchy, most hedonistic areas of the city.

Oh, I sent out mother's day packages and letters, so please e-mail or post if you've received them!


Anonymous said...

I recieved mine!!!
I'm gald you posted something again! how are you?
Yesterday was mothers' day. it was so much fun. We baked caked and at night watched Leif cause he screamed and screamed in tooth pain. hmmmm.
another reason to not miss Miami, in China , you can actually sleep through the night!
let's have coffee.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hon, I got my card but Gram didn't . My zipcode is 33125 you used the wrong one. All I have been is super, crazy busy and this weekend I was exhausted. Have been blazing on guitar and tommorrow night I am playing with a guy about your age, at my friend's warehouse-you know that is super exciting to me!!!. I have not been connected to the internet for the last few days and soon will be...finally going to highspseed, since most days I cannot even get to "post comment" page...I will be setting up a web page with vividtdesign stuff soon and you can be my sales force in China Haha! It is Wednesday am, I am at Gram's now, Leif is fast asleep with Gram rocking him in a chair. I need to try to do a couple of little designs today so I can screen them tommorrow. Will start sending more pics as soon as I get my net hooked up.
All ethe best!

Anonymous said...

hey YOU! what's happening? why no more post? i check daily and nothing! is everything o.k.? i'm sure it is but i still miss knowing what you're up to. i posted this somewhere else already BUT here it is again: the mother's day package arrived and I LOVED/LOVE IT! the tea is pretty much gone now.

i have been very busy, trying to work as much as possible, to forget my uneasiness with everything and to try and save money for a trip to venezuela at the end of the month.
something is in the air for you, it's just a little, flat monster...you can use it as a bookmark. sylvita is getting one too...hope you use/like it.

please post something already!