Sad Love Song, Andreas Golder
Pastry Bag, Song Yuanyuan


I saw a few nice shows at Caoshangdi yesterday.  Galerie Urs Meile had a great show from the rather famous Andreas Golder.  Huge, hideous and confrontational work with a clever mocking of classical themes.  I especially liked the layout of the main hall with several huge paintings and crudely painted leather lounge in the center, "artifing" it and making it useless for sitting on and contemplating the work.

A lesser known gallery, 01100001, had some surprising painting by Chinese artist Song Yuanyuan.  Lots of depictions of construction materials with "zoom-in" panels.  Somehow the construction materials, Christmas trees and sofas depicted seem anatomical, or naked in some way.  Very "photography painting."  Several of the works combined grotesque images with desirable ones, all in domestic settings.

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