oil on canvas

 French roses
oil on fabric

leather shoes
oil on canvas

collage on paper

oil on canvas

oil and acrylic on canvas

oil and glitter on canvas

I've been working on a new group of paintings for the last few months.  Using fashion magazines, collage references and pattern studies, I'm working my way out of my earlier work into a kind of 2D work that is more like small visual projects.  I feel some of my earlier paintings "fit" within this group, such as wedding and this collage, along with a reworked version of leather shoes, which is pictured above.

I'm happy with the way this is heading.  And feedback would be lovely, although the quality of the above photographs is lacking.


harumi said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
I love love love the new direction to your work. first impression some how made me think of David Salle.
the way paint is applied on surface is just tasty. yum.
I love the shoes!!!
they are so wonderful! I wish to see it in real life too.

alesh said...

Yes! I agree... the overall approach is really interesting, and the brushwork or technique, or whatever you call it looks effortless and right.

Chad said...

Exhibit this shit already.


Chad said...

Ok more late goofy commenting.

玻璃 is my favorite, an arresting image that has a dreamy, drunken quality with those deformed icebergy-looking highball glasses. Face slashed in there nicely. Has an outsider, unfinished, public advisory feel to it.

Good job!

Silvia Elena said...

Wowsers, Ross. This is awesome. Completely different than anything I've seen you paint.

I like the body hole we get to peek through in the first painting to see more bodies. There is something quite eerie happening in all of them. All of them have a strange feeling that was not present before and I'm excited to see more. It makes me feel like I've missed so much:)

为你真感到自豪!! 很想你,肉丝!