About a thirty minute bus ride outside of Kuala Lumpur lies the Batu Caves, a Hindu temple complex inside a huge cave with a great number of stairs and a huge statue of a deity out front.  The complex is most important during the Thaipusam festival, when devotees celebrate the son of Shiva by piercing all sorts of things through their bodies and faces.  Outside of festival time, it seems to fall to disrepair with rather unimpressive religious tableau and more construction material and bags of cement than Hindu objects.

There were a lot of tourists when we arrived, mostly Chinese from various countries and Australians.  As you walk up the steps to the mouth of the cave, you're more or less greeted by about twenty monkeys that eye you suspiciously.  The cave interior itself is massive, dark, blanketed in sleeping bats and impressive.

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harumi said...

awesome pictures!!! I dream about china and traveling again. hopefully next year I can visit again.
did the monkey kick the trash can? They are bad (maybe human's fault to be more accurate)

I love the rice wrapped in banana leaf? looks soo good.

last night tommy said all the kids (he is teaching at summer camp) from other country are good and smart. we should move to china.

enjoy your trip!!!