This is a nice sambal (chili sauce used in Malay and Indonesian food) that I've come up with.  Use it as a dipping sauce for fried tofu, a salad dressing good with cabbage and thai eggplants, a fish marinate, or as a sauce for BBQ, churrasco or roast pork.


you'll need
ten green chilies, whole
five shallots
five garlic cloves
juice of two limes, one teaspoon reserved
about two teaspoons shrimp paste
scant teaspoon ginger julienne
about a tablespoon of peanut, coconut or canola oil
pinch of turmeric
pinch of salt

set aside to blend
one tablespoon white vinegar
reserved lime juice
two stalks of thai basil (around 10 leaves)
half as much peppermint leaves

Using a mortar and pestle, crush chilies, shallots and garlic roughly.  Fry all three in oil on low heat until flavor is released and shallots and garlic start to brown.  Add lime juice, shrimp paste, turmeric and salt and cook together for one to two minutes.  Set aside to cool.

Once cool, Add mixture along with ingredients to blend (if you'd prefer a chunker sambal, you may used a mortar and pestle) Blend until combined and a paste is formed.  Will store in refrigerator for a week.

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