- America part two Miami & Hollywood -

Visiting family is just the best feeling on earth. Everyone wants to cook for you and give you hugs and you simply have to lay around and coast through the days.

Florida is pretty special. Highlights include drinking beer on the Jaramillo-Harris' porch, pansy tennis, chatting with Alesh at Hollywood Art and Culture, being spoiled by Illiana's generosity, Harumi and Ariel's birthday, biking through Hollywood with Chad, party favors, BBQs, gossiping with gram, homemade cocktails, meeting the wonderful Jennifer, lunch at a cool diner with Misael, late night chats with Catalina, hunting for cool stuff at mom's, cake with coffee, last minute hang-out with Isabel, beach trips... I miss everyone already.

Yard time.

The Hollywood-Miami commute.

Harumi and Tommy in front of the awesome World Market.

Pretend pouting.

It really looks like this.

Chad's proud garden.

Possibly the best pizza ever.

Catalina's gohonzon

Ariel's birthday strawberry cheesecake.

Makin' faces.


krylonultraflat said...

Andiamo's pizza?

themilkyMiffisecret said...

life is great with you around!
I adore you baby!