Me on that classic Chinese bike tour around Tian'anmen Square. (Silvy was also there!)


It's officially warm in Beijing with some relatively clear skies and outdoor seating at restaurants. More Chinese girls in summer dresses eating popsicles, restaurants are offering cold zhou with osmanthus flower as well as outdoor seating, and old Beijing men with exposed bellies are lounging outside, fanning themselves off.

This afternoon on the subway I saw three older women chatting in a completely foreign Chinese language that I imagine may be from Fujian or a southern province. They had cheap red tour company visors on and seemed to be really enjoying themselves.

Ariel got back from his European trip bringing gifts of cheese and coffee and cookies. He was missed by his Chinese comrades.


Silvia Elena said...

I just realized that by the time I return to Beijing, you boys will have already eaten up all the European delicacies! Please, save me some smmmmelly cheese and a small piece of chocolate. I'll be back before you can say, "cherry jam".

Emerson Mouret said...

i meet you once but you may forget me...now,I am in Dongguan city,a southern city.
I really like you,and I do want to know more about you.can i?
my name is Roger Mouret,still in China. my blog is rogermouret.blogspot.com and my email: clementroitfeld@gmail.com . Hope this time we don't miss each other.