Picture of me and Silvy this winter (taken by Ariel.)

Some updates.

It's finally getting warmer, but the trade off is the worst possible pollution. I have no idea where it's coming from but it's wicked. That, and all these wonderful cottony puffs of pollen from Beijing's numerous poplars create this. Rather more charming than pollution.

Other than the weather, I'm up to similar antics. I've been painting quite a lot more and enjoying my new bike, courtesy of my friend Guy. I've also been keeping up with exercise.

Mornings I've developed a routine of putting the cafecito on the stove and drinking juice I squeezed the previous morning. Raw oatmeal, unsweetened yogurt, walnuts and sliced fruit nearly every morning. Again routine.

I'm studying for the HSK (Chinese proficiency) test, which will be taken at some point within the next six months. Well, most likely near the tale end of six months.

Next weekend I plan on going with Silvia to a village outside of Beijing. I'd like to see something that somewhat resembles nature.

Ariel went to Europe for three weeks and I wish him an incredibly fun time.

What are you up to?

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nini霓 said...

i missing beijing so so much after reading ur blog TT

good luck in my hometown!