This is a piecemeal account of something a student told me today. Apparently it's from a Chinese movie.


A handsome (but not too bright) Chinese fighter and an English woman fall for one another. They have an affair in China. The English woman tells the fighter "I love you," which he cannot understand, and returns to England. Immediately after this, the Chinese fighter asks a friend who studies English: "What does 'I love you' mean?" Because she is jealous of this admission, she tells him "It means 'hello.'" The fighter isn't satisfied with this answer and he asks another friend. The friend tells him: "Maybe she was speaking Chinese?" Left with no other option the fighter translates the English woman's phrase into the only possible meaning he can think of:

爱老虎油 (ai4 lao3 hu2 you2)

The meaning: I love tiger oil. The fighter wonders aloud, "why does she love tiger oil and why did she tell me this?"


Chad said...

Maybe that was her sexy nickname for him. Ewwww.

loveyerma said...

Yeah Chad! What's your sexy nickname ??? Do tell!